Friday, 8 April 2016

Spring Equinox

The Caer Euni stone circle is only about a 40mins walk from my house so thought it would be the ideal place to celebrate the Spring Equinox, I headed up with my dog Sadie & we were lucky to get glorious sunshine but it was still quite cold seeing the first lambs of the spring on our way up a majestic Red Kite circled above taking advantage of the clear day.

I've visited the circle quiet often since I moved here & it always feels really atmospheric & magical, in sunshine its stunning with views of the nearby hill fort, the Arans & on a clear day Moel Famau in the far distance, but if the weather turns & a mist comes in it can feel a little oppressive & have sometimes had the feeling of being watched (probably just my over active imagination!)

The site consists of a large kerb circle 40 feet in diameter & a ring cairn immediately opposite, there is evidence of settlement on the site dating back to the 3rd Millennium but the circle isn't that well known so I can't find much information on it but I have read in a local walking book that the land around the nearby lake Llyn Caer Euni is linked to legends of the horned god Cernunnos.

I'm a complete novice when it comes to the pagan, celtic or druid ceremonies so I'm still kind of 'winging'it but I did my own version of a spring type blessing burning some incense,  Sadie didn't seem to mind & sat quite happy enjoying the sunshine, I wrote this little poem while I was up there

Spring Blessings

From Winters slumber deep underground, comes life returning all around
The days still are cold but bright, with a deep pink sun that sets at night,
With each leaf & bud so fresh & new, Mother Earth gently encourages to push on through, to stand tall & proud upon the world and sing with joy 'the spring has come, the world has turned'

Happy Spring Equinox!

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