Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Trip to Fairy Fayre & the Glastonbury Goblin!

I’ve always wanted to make it to one of the faerie events in Glastonbury & this year I finally managed it & went to the wonderful spring faerie fayre in the town hall organised by Karen Kay ( see for more info on her fairy events)

I headed down with my friend Louise & her 2 children Freya & Luca who got dressed up in fantastic fairy outfits. Glastonbury itself is crystal shop heaven with more or less every shop being magical, pagan or new age in some way, even the estate agents had a toadstool in the window! We had a quick wander around before the fair started  which was next to the abbey which sadly we didn’t get time to visit there’s just too much to see in one day

The fair was fabulous with loads of stalls & amazing artists & crafts people, I got to meet my all-time favourite artist Brian Froud who’s books inspired me years ago to start painting the faery realm, I’d only ever seen flower fairy type images before his work & his faery art seems to capture what I would think was the true nature of faery it’s absolutely outstanding & well worth looking up if you have not come across his work before though chances are you have come across his work & maybe not realised as he did all the design artwork for the Dark Crystal & Labyrinth film with David Bowie, which brings me neatly to the most wonderful part of the trip & the highlight for me, which was a talk by Brian Froud & his wife Wendy (who is equally fantastic & created the costumes & puppets for the films from Brian’s designs) all about the making of the films featuring various props, costumes & sketches, the talk was really interesting & funny too as Brain & Wendy were so warm & genuine, we even found out some insider behind the scenes stories from the making of the films one of my favourites being that David Bowie had to do all the filming with wee stained gloves as they only had one pair for him & the first day on set their son Toby who was the baby in the film weed on him!

Some other highlights included visiting fairy artist Linda Ravenscroft's Mystic Garden shop which was beautiful & magical, lucky for us she was working in the shop that day so we got to have a chat & I brought a signed print of a lovely Owl from her vanishing series, also I loved going into the Starchild incense shop which is just gorgeous.

Near the end of the day something a little strange happened as I took a photo of Louise & her little boy Luca on the street running past the abbey, the sun was right in my eyes so I wasn’t sure if the photo had taken so took another one, when we looked at the photos later we noticed both photos had a little green spot in the right hand corner, I zoomed into the green blob on the first photo I took & it’s just a strange blob so I thought it was probably an effect from the Sun, but on the second photo the green blob is still there but this time a little goblin type face has appeared! I’ll leave it up to you to make your own mind up whether it’s a speck of dust on the camera lens or our own Glastonbury goblin; I know which one we believe! 

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